Quality Front Axle Service in Iowa City, IA

Front Axle Service in Iowa City, IA

If your truck has become hard to steer or there is excessive vibration or shimmy of the font axle, there can be several sources of the problem. The first things to rule out are lack of lubrication and low pressure in the power steering system. Then you have to look at wear in the steering linkage. The problem could be as simple as worn or missing seals but most often it is a worn kingpin.

The eye that holds the kingpin on each end of the axle will eventually wear and lose shape from repeated hard knocks and this will create play in the kingpin. The kingpin itself will also loose shape. The solution is re-bushing. At Midwest Frame & Axle, we bore the eye to a larger size and press fit a new sleeve to firmly grip a new kingpin. The procedure is commonly called “axle eye re-sleeving”.

A steering linkage can also wear out at the tie rod ends which transmit the steering motion from one wheel to the other. The draglink which transmits steering motion from the steering gear box can also lose its original dimensions. The solution will be to replace the tie rod ends or drag link.
If your truck has major steering problems; if it almost seems like it changes lanes by itself even with a firm grip on the steering wheel; then you might have to look at the steering box itself. We not only can replace a defective steering gear but can also rebuild yours to it original specifications. We can also repair or replace the hydraulic pump and hoses that bring power to your system.
If you truck is subject to rough usage, the wear on your steering system is inevitable. It not only makes steering difficult but will cause abnormal wear of the tires. At Midwest Frame & Axle we are familiar with all forms of tire wear. We will completely check out your steering system and advise you whether your tire wear is due to any of the above mechanical problems.
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